Battling Congestive Heart Failure… But You Can’t Tell (feat. Queen Williams)

It was 1994 when Queen Williams became ill. There were misdiagnosis after another. This was after many exams and tests, including running a light inside her. Seven days were spent in the hospital. She lost 27 lbs because she could basically only eat jello and Popsicle bars. It took a cardiologist to come in on his first exam and explain exactly what was wrong. She was suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. Her heart muscle was so weak and percentage was so low, she was taken out of work permanently, effective immediately. Her entire world changed as she knew it.

Congestive heart failure is a condition in which the heart can no longer pump blood as efficiently as it used to, causing blood and other fluids to back up in the body- particularly in the liver, lungs, hands, and feet. There are many causes including coronary artery disease, heart attacks, cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or heart defects present at birth. Also, congestive heart failure can occur when several diseases or conditions are present at once.

Symptoms include congested lungs, fluid and water retention, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, and rapid or irregular heartbeats. They can be mild to severe, as well as constant or can come and go. Some ways to prevent congestive heart failure is to keep your pressure low, Monitor your own symptoms, Maintain your fluid balance, limit how much salt you eat, monitor your weight closely (lose weight as needed), take your medications as prescribed, and schedule regular doctor appointments. Make the necessary changes to improve your quality of life.

If one is diagnosed with congestive heart failure, doctors highly recommend having an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator inserted to help deal with your congestive heart failure. An ICD is a battery powered device placed under the skin that keeps track of your heart rate. There are thin wires that connect the ICD to your heart. When an abnormal heart rhythm is detected, the device will send an electric shock to restore normal heartbeat if your heart is beating too chaotically and much too fast. Newer generation ICDs have dual function which includes the ability to serve as a pacemaker, in which the pacemaker stimulates the heart to beat if your heart rate is detected to be too slow.

Today, Queen is living a very blissful, fulfilling life. This is maintained by taking her medication, regular doctor visits, strong faith, a great support system, and keeping stress down as much as possible (just to name a few things). Through it all, she never complains, just endures with a smile. Queen Williams is an excellent example that if you Trust and Believe… life definitely goes on!

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